x264 Video Codec rev. 1995 x86/x64
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x264 (x86/x64) - это свободная библиотека программных компонентов для кодирования видеопотоков H.264/MPEG-4 AVC.

x264 (x86/x64) is a free library for encoding H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video streams.


Изменения / Changes (1948-1995):

  • Fix regression in r1944. Broke sliced-threads + slice-max-size/slice-max-mbs.;
  • Check for invalid pixfmts in lavf demuxer;
  • Fix bug in --b-adapt 2 with --rc-lookahead >248. Problem caused by buffer overflow in strcpy;
  • More validation of input parameters. This fixes a crash with --me umh and insane values of --me-range;
  • Fix bugs with ratecontrol reconfiguration. Initialization of some parameters was missed or wasn't synchronized with other threads;
  • Use float constants in qp rounding. Slight performance improvement and fixes slight difference in output between gcc 3.4 and 4.5;
  • Fix zone bitrate multiplier and QP forcing in 2-pass mode. Previously zone changes could affect frames outside of the given frame range (around 20 neighboring frames);
  • Fix bug in NAL buffer resizing. Also properly terminate if NAL buffer resizing fails;
  • MBAFF: Save interlace decision for all macroblocks;
  • MBAFF: Disable adaptive MBAFF when subme 0 is used;
  • MBAFF: Store left references in a table;
  • MBAFF: Store references to the two left macroblocks;
  • MBAFF: Neighbour calculation. Back up intra borders correctly and make neighbour calculation several times longer;
  • MBAFF: Inter support;
  • MBAFF: Disallow skip where predicted interlace flag would be wrong;
  • MBAFF: Copy deblocked pixels to other plane;
  • MBAFF: Fix mvy bounds. Fix MV clipping;
  • MBAFF: Track what interlace decision the decoder is using;
  • MBAFF: CABAC encoding of skips;
  • MBAFF: Clamp MVDs to 66 instead of 33;
  • MBAFF: Update x264_cabac_mvd_sum_mmxext to work with larger MVDs. Author: Loren Merritt < Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript >;
  • MBAFF: Add mbaff deblock strength calculation. Move call to deblock_strength to 264_macroblock_deblock_strength to keep deblock strength calculation in one place;
  • MBAFF: Move common code from deblock functions;
  • MBAFF: Deblocking support;
  • MBAFF: Add extra data to the deblock strength structure;
  • MBAFF: Implement left edge deblocking functions;
  • MBAFF: First edge deblocking;
  • MBAFF: Use both left macroblocks for ref_idx calculation;
  • MBAFF: Calculate bipred POCs. Need to calculate two tables for the cases where the current macroblock is  progressive or interlaced as refs are calculated differently for each;
  • MBAFF: Direct temporal;
  • MBAFF: Direct spatial;
  • MBAFF: Create a VSAD DSP function. x86 assembly by Jason Garrett-Glaser. This gives roughly 30x speed increase over the C version;
  • MBAFF: Enable adaptive MBAFF with VSAD decision;
  • MBAFF: Adaptive quantization. Compute energy for interlaced and progressive choices and pick the least;
  • MBAFF: Add support for slice-max-mbs;
  • MBAFF: Add support for slice-max-size. Also add slice-max-size to the regression tests;
  • MBAFF: Modify ratecontrol to update every two rows;
  • MBAFF: Don't call zigzag_init for every mb;
  • MBAFF: Make interlaced support a compile time option;
  • MBAFF: Template cache_load and cache_load_neighbours;
  • MBAFF: Template direct spatial;
  • MBAFF: Add frame/field MB stats;
  • MBAFF: Improve handling of bottom row mod32 padding. Force skip on any MBs entirely outside the frame If an mb pair in the bottom row is chosen to be progressive, re-pad the bottom rows progressively;
  • MBAFF: Add regularization to VSAD metric. Bias towards the MBAFF decisions made in neighboring mb pairs. ~2% better compression on a random 1080i HDTV source;
  • Add checkasm tests for memcpy_aligned, memzero_aligned. Also make memcpy_aligned support sizes smaller than 64;
  • Faster pixel_memset. ~4x faster. Also inline plane_expand_border for improved constant propagation;
  • Slightly speed up x86 CABAC asm. Also make some various cleanups;
  • Improve build system capabilities. Make static lib and CLI optional. Support linking CLI to system libx264. Don't strip by default, to match GNU packaging guidelines.



 Encoder features :

  • Multi-references
  • Intra: all macroblock types (16x16, 8x8, and 4x4 with all predictions)
  • Inter P: all partitions (from 16x16 down to 4x4)
  • Inter B: partitions from 16x16 down to 8x8 (including skip/direct)
  • Ratecontrol: constant quantizer, single or multipass ABR, optional VBV
  • Scene cut detection
  • Adaptive B-frame placement
  • B-frames as references / arbitrary frame order
  • 8x8 and 4x4 adaptive spatial transform
  • Lossless mode
  • Custom quantization matrices
  • Parallel encoding of multiple slices

Advanced settings :

  • Enabling Cabac: approximately 10% bitrate reduction without loss in quality, but is slow.
  • Enabling De-blocking Filter: smooths out visible blocks during an encode (rather than by using post processing to smooth out blocks while decoding). Is a good idea to enable for low bitrate encodes.  

Возможности кодека x264:

  • Контекстнозависимое Адаптивное Бинарное Арифметическое кодирование (CABAC) и Контекстнозависимое Адаптивное Кодирование с Переменной Длиной Кодового Слова (CAVLC)
  • Поддержка нескольких ссылочных кадров
  • Все intra типы макроблоков (16x16, 8x8 и 4x4 — 8x8 это часть AVC HP)
  • Все inter типы макроблоков P фрейма
  • B-Inter типы макроблоков от 16x16 до 8x8
  • Оптимизация отношения вносимых искажений к скорости потока
  • Несколько режимов работы управления скоростью потока: постоянный квантователь, постоянное качество, одно- или многопроходный ABR с режимом VBV
  • Обнаружение смены сцены
  • Адаптивная расстановка B-кадров, с возможностью использования B кадров как ссылочных кадров
  • 8x8 и 4x4 адаптивное пространственное преобразование (High Profile)
  • Режим сжатия без потерь (отклоненный High Profile 4:4:4)
  • Произвольные матрицы квантования (High Profile)
  • Параллельное кодирование на нескольких CPU
  • Поддержка компрессии кадров с чересстрочной разверткой (неадаптивный MBAFF — все макроблоки кодируются в режиме чересстрочных)

Доступные настройки кодека для профессионалов:

  • Кодирование Cabac: приблизительно 10%-ое снижение битрэйта без потери качества.
  • Фильтр деблокирования: показывает видимые блоки во время кодирования (гораздо лучший метод по сравнению с пост-процессингом). Отличный метод для кодирования с использованием низкого битрэйта. 


Unpatched, fprofiled, GCC 4.6.1: (svn rev. 173710, Pre-Release , 2011.05.12); (avs input, lavf input, ffms input, mp4 output.); (ffmpeg git-92ccdfb, ffms2 svn.462, pthreads CVS-20110512, gpac svn.3102, all static).:

Скачать / Download:
icon x264 Video Codec rev. 1995 x86 w32threads (3 Мбайт 2011-05-13 03:43:41) (generic), 8bit-depth, native Windows threads.
icon x264 Video Codec rev. 1995 x86 (3.03 Мбайт 2011-05-13 03:42:33) (generic), 8bit-depth.
icon x264 Video Codec rev. 1995 x86 - 10bit (3.03 Мбайт 2011-05-13 03:41:29) (generic) , 10bit-depth.

icon x264 Video Codec rev. 1995 x64 w32threads (3.13 Мбайт 2011-05-13 03:43:10) (generic), 8bit-depth, native Windows threads

icon x264 Video Codec rev. 1995 x64 (3.16 Мбайт 2011-05-13 03:42:02) (generic), 8bit-depth.
icon x264 Video Codec rev. 1995 x64 - 10bit (3.16 Мбайт 2011-05-13 03:41:00) (generic), 10bit-depth.


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