x262 mpeg-2 Video Encoder rev. 2433 x86/x64 (Experimental version!)
27.07.2012 19:02

x262, Mpeg-2 видео кодировщик, работающий на базе видео энкодера x264.

x262, an mpeg-2 encoder building on the best-in-class features of x264.


Изменения / Changes:

  • MPEG-2: Restrict colorspace to 4:2:0 or 4:2:2.
  • MPEG-2: Support Matroska output.
  • MPEG-2: Allow forcing a higher profile than strictly necessary.
  • MPEG-2: Change default logging. Print "x262" instead of "x264" so that MPEG-2/H.264 is more obvious.
  • MPEG-2: API improvements. Library users can simply call x264_param_default_preset_mpeg2() to setup MPEG-2 encoding. Other API functions will not overwrite any mandatory settings. Also modify the CLI so that the --mpeg2 and --no-mpeg2 options work however the binary is called
  • MPEG-2: Prefix level names.
  • MPEG-2: Change lookahead QP. 1 was chosen because its qscale is comparable to QP 12 for H.264. Improves PSNR/SSIM a tiny bit.
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'x264/master';
  • Fix reading of uninitialised parameter when encoding from the CLI.;
  • MPEG-2: Update copyright;
  • MPEG-2: Initial interlaced encoding support. Uses VSAD to detect interlaced macroblocks. Currently limited to 4:2:0 only..



Caution, this experimental version!


Fprofiled, (GCC 4.7.2: (svn rev.189903, Pre-Release, 2012.07.27); (avs input, lavf input, ffms input, mp4 output.); (ffmpeg git-b3841db, ffms2 svn.701, gpac svn.4106, all static); w32threads.:

Скачать / Download:
icon x262 mpeg-2 Video Encoder rev. 2433 x86 w32threads (experimental version) (3.72 Мбайт 2012-07-27 19:01:59) (generic), 8bit-depth, native Windows threads.

icon x262 mpeg-2 Video Encoder rev. 2433 x64 w32threads (experimental version) (3.86 Мбайт 2012-07-27 19:01:19) (generic), 8bit-depth, native Windows threads



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